Removing Foreign Body in Deep Stroma | ASCRS
Film 75210: Removing Foreign Body in Deep Stroma
July 2021
Meeting: 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting
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Film ID: 75210
Presenting Author: Ariana De los √Āngeles Blanco, MD
Producers: Giancarlo Bordas, MD; Odette Guzman, MD; Miguel Lopez, MD 
Category: Refractive/Cornea Surgery

40 y. o. male presents to consult referring tearing and foreign body sensation. He states it began 3 months ago and has worsen on the last week. Upon evaluation, a foreign body is found in corneal stroma and the patient referred a motorcycle accident 2 years ago. After locating the foreign body in deep stroma by ASOCT the patient is scheduled for surgical removal of the foreign body.

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