Film 90929: Salvage the Run-out Capsulorhexis! | ASCRS
Film 90929: Salvage the Run-out Capsulorhexis!
May 2023
Meeting: 2023 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Presenting Author: Laura Drew-Bear, MD
Additional Producers: Ashley Behrens, MD; Leangelo Hall, MD; Everardo Hernandez Quintela, MD, MSc, FACS
Category: Quality Teaching
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Anterior capsular tears can occur in up to 5.6% of cases. Early diagnosis and management of these tears can stop them from extending posteriorly and causing surgical complications that compromise intraocular lens placement. This video will show different maneuvers to rescue a run-out capsulorhexis, a crucial step in the learning curve of cataract surgery.

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