Introduction to Insurance: Because You Asked! | ASCRS
Introduction to Insurance: Because You Asked!
December 2023
Faculty: Andrew Johnson, MD; Laurie Brown, MBA, COMT; Mary Pat Johnson

Join moderator Andrew Johnson as he sets medicine aside for an hour and is joined by reputable panelists Laurie Brown, Senior Consultant with BSM Consulting, and Mary Pat Johnson, Senior Consultant with Corcoran Consulting Group, as they present "Introduction to Insurance: Because You asked!" The presentation will center on the common questions ophthalmologists have regarding the challenging topic of insurance, from defining the types of insurance and providers to billing and reimbursement. The presentation will also tackle confusing topics such as prior authorizations, Medicaid, and covered services, before finishing with a dive into practice management and preventing an audit, providing insight into a crucial topic for all ophthalmologists.
Webinar Faculty
Laurie Brown, MBA, COMT
Andrew Johnson, MD
Mary Pat Johnson

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