Hydrodelamination in Posterior Polar Cataract: Made Easy | ASCRS
Hydrodelamination in Posterior Polar Cataract: Made Easy
May 2019
Meeting: 2019 Annual Meeting
Presenters: Arup Bhaumik, MS; Santanu Mitra, DO
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Hydrodelamination is one of the key steps for phacoemulsification in posterior polar cataract. Hydrodissection either intentional or inadvertent is contraindicated in posterior polar cataract. Inadvertent hydrodissection can happen during hydrodelamination while water jet can pierce softer nuclear material reach subcapsular area. A modified canula where opening of canula is 2mm inside could perform hydrodelamination safely as it inject water vertically.
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This film was submitted to the 37th Annual ASCRS Film Festival within the 2019 ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting. 

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